ハンドウォッシュ ※洗う時は長時間水に漬けっぱなしにせず、ご使用後はしっかり乾かしてから収納してください。 



※After use, dry thoroughly before storing.
※Please do not use a dishwasher or microwave oven. 
※Foods with strong acidity may cause the color of the dye to fade.
 ※If boiling water is added immediately, it may crack or break, so please allow it to cool to a temperature suitable for eating and drinking before use.
※In the beginning, bowls and other such items may have a woody astringency or smell. This can be alleviated by pouring a teaspoon of vinegar into warm water and rinsing well after about an hour, or by washing with baking soda or rice water, but it will disappear after a while of use. 
※No health hazardous substances are used in the dye coating.


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